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Body Awareness 

Our bodies are an expression of what is going on in our lives, within us and around us. Our internal world is reflected in how our bodies feel, the symptoms they create, and in the way that we move. We can sense how others are by their movements, their walk, their gait, their energy. Our movements reveal much about the way that we feel internally and

how we respond to life.

Our bodies are a wealth of information, and we can learn to take notice and read and understand their messages. This can be an empowering process of self-realisation which can lead to greater awareness of the patterns of our conditioning, their limitations, and how this affects our bodies.

Through observation we can develop a deeper connection with ourselves through the body. The power of true observation cannot be underestimated. It is transformational and can open the way to allowing freedom from previously held restricting patterns and beliefs that are experienced in life and felt in the body.

Interactive Body Awareness Sessions offer an opportunity to bring focus and attention to your body and to share your experiences, your feelings and your observations. We focus on the reality of how your body is feeling and what it is presenting. Sessions are a gentle enquiry into what is going on for you, and offer a space without judgement or critique. We also work with the observation of the breath which invites a depth that can assist with transforming the quality of energy within the body, therefore allowing the undoing and the healing of previously held patterns of tension and symptoms.


Sessions are online and are 45 mins in length. They are interactive and invite your feedback based on your observations of your body and what is going on for you. We work together to support you to stay present and connected which forms the basis of the sessions.

Everyone welcome. Please feel free to get in touch to enquire about pricing and availability.

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