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Bodywork Sessions

Sacred Esoteric Healing

A powerful modality which calls on the bodies natural ability to heal. Gentle healing techniques are administered to the body inviting a deep stillness. There is no imposition or expectation enforced, purely an invitation to connect deeply and allow your body to clear anything that does not belong, enabling you to embrace your full potential.



Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy

Connective tissue flows through our entire body. It is the tissue that provides structure, support and connection throughout. There is a natural flow to our connective tissue which when interrupted can cause disharmony in the body in the form of pain and symptoms. Connective Tissue Therapy consists of very gentle techniques which are specifically designed to enable the body to let go and release the hindrances that stop its natural flow and its natural function which in turn assist the body to return to its natural abundance and joy.

Esoteric Massage

A gentle modality inviting the letting go of deeply held patterns and tension which lie underneath and contribute to the build-up of discomfort, symptoms or pain. Although the techniques are administered to the physical body they are ultimately energetic and are designed to encourage the clearing of the body in order to invite and enable an increased freedom of movement and an increase in vitality.

Energetic Facial Release

A method of healing which administers energetic techniques purely on the face yet has an effect on the whole body. The face can accumulate tension just like the rest of the body and reflects the front or the mask that we can often wear which acts as a protection and hides our natural beauty and transparency. The techniques gently clear away these holding patterns and often result in the face appearing more open, vital and alive and the body feeling deeply still and surrendered.

Aromatherapy Massage

A deeply stilling and nourishing treatment using essential oils to calm, clear and revitalise. A bespoke blend of essential oils are administered directly to the skin combined with a full body massage. The aroma combined with gentle flowing massage invites the breath to deepen and stabilise, and the tissues of the body to release and let go. A beautiful way to unwind, release built up tension, restore and rejuvenate.          

Bodywork Sessions

Sessions are usually an hour in length and tailored to your request and what is being called for by your body.

Often the sessions are a combination of any of the above modalities depending on what is required

and what your body is presenting. 

Aromatherapy Massage sessions are 1 hour 15 mins

     Sessions are available in North London

      Saturdays and Sundays by appointment

For more information and to book please email

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