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     Esoteric Yoga

Esoteric Yoga offers you an opportunity to re-connect to yourself and your body allowing you a deeper understanding and experience of yourself. It invites you to be fully present, coming out of the everyday busy-ness and into an inner stillness.


Sessions consist of gentle and simple movements which enable you to focus on the quality in which you are moving and the affect that this has on your body. This simplicity can highlight the reality of how your body is, invites you to let go of tension that may be causing discomfort or contributing to physical conditions, and can open the way to moving with the ease and grace that is our natural way of being.

The meaning of Yoga is 'Union'.

Esoteric Yoga invites you to be in union with yourself, bringing your mind in line with your body, and through your body aligning with your Soul, the innermost part of you.

This often feels like 'coming home'. 

Esoteric Yoga is not purely a physical practice. It brings our attention to our energetic being which can be felt through connection and brought into movement.

When we are aware of our energetic presence we can experience ourselves within and beyond the body. This can then be taken into our everyday life which then enables this to be an ongoing journey of deepening awareness. 

It is this awareness that brings the extra dimension and opens up a huge doorway into greater depths of awareness, and beyond that to a deep inner connection with ourselves. 

Why Esoteric Yoga?

It is not natural to be exhausted, anxious, stressed, rushed, depressed or unable to sleep, and it is possible to live from a place of settlement within yourself that brings a consistent steadiness into every area of life. Esoteric Yoga offers a space in which you can become more aware and enables you to uncover underlying causes behind any health conditions you may be experiencing. The body shows us so much when we pay attention, and it can be our greatest teacher if we choose to listen. 

Physical conditions can also be addressed through Esoteric Yoga. There is never an instruction to push the body, just an invitation to observe and feel what is there. Choosing the quality of gentleness in our movements brings an opportunity to move differently to the way we may be moving every day. This brings something new to the body, interrupts the existing pattern, and has the potential for great healing. The body can respond in surprising ways.

Esoteric Yoga also acknowledges that we are a part of something greater than ourselves. We can become very isolated in our individual lives, can feel very separate to those around us, and we can remain unaware of the effect that we are having on a grand scale and on our immediate environment. Changing our perspective to include ourselves as being a part of the whole can be very powerful and can result in a feeling of being supported instead of isolated which can enable us to let go of tension, trying, effort and a forceful drive to achieve, all of which create hardness and tension in the body. 

Esoteric Yoga honours the whole person and invites you to accept yourself just as you are. Through acceptance we can find the settlement required to let go of anything we are holding onto that is not serving us, and we can focus on magnifying and embracing the true qualities that we want in our bodies and our lives.  

Who can Attend?

Esoteric Yoga is for people of all ages and abilities. There is no previous experience required, just an openness and a willingness to connect and explore.

Sessions are available online  

Please feel free to get in touch to enquire about Individual Sessions and Group Programs.

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