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Moving with Grace

Gentle Body Awareness Sessions for Individuals and Groups



Our natural way of being is to live in the moment, vital, present and alive; to feel joy every day and feel love for ourselves, life and others; to be steady within ourselves and to live with a wealth of available energy; and to be able to move and express with a sense of ease and grace without pain or restriction.

How many of us can say with honesty that this is our daily experience?

Living in this world as we do we are surrounded by outer forces that can impose and have an impact. We can often end up feeling bruised, hurt, wounded, injured and defeated. The effect on us and our bodies can be huge. When we bring awareness to the body the impact of life can be felt. Symptoms, pain, illness, misery, depression, anger, frustration are all things that we live with which we can experience in the body and perceive as ‘normal’. We then lose our sense of the beautiful and graceful beings that we naturally are.

When working with the body we can begin to reclaim ourselves from within. Through working with presence, awareness, connection, movement and breath we can regain a true sense of ourselves and discard patterns and restrictions that we have allowed to hold us tightly and control our movements. It can be freeing and liberating, and can bring us a great deal of awareness with which to step forward and move through life.


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Esoteric Yoga develops the quality that becomes the movement that will magnify throughout your body


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